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June – Setpmber 2018

“The ecomuseum is a participatory practice to enhance the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of a local community in the perspective of sustainable development” (Carta di Catania, October 2007). The ecomuseums are cultural landscapes widespread in our territory, the “scenarios” that remains in our memory in everyday journeys, the “scattered memories in the open air”: our “common home”. They are “family pacts” between the communities and the public or private organization whose mission is to valorize the heritage and the development of own territory. We tried to listen the Ecomuseum Martesana: the non profit organization that wants to valorize the landscape around of the Canal Martesana (Lombardy). We started with the interviews of the Management Committee of the Martesana Ecomuseum to try to bring out the identity of the ecomuseum and let know the ecomuseum to the community with different communication tools, such as the “community maps” (Parish Map). Today the Ecomuseum Martesana is a partner of international projects such as SWARE (Sustainable Heritage management of Waterway Regions) – European Interreg Program 2014-2020 and WATER MUSEUMS GLOBAL NETWORK (UNESCO).