Parish Map “Places of Soul” of the Ecomuseum Martesana

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October – December 2018

The idea of ​​the “Community map” (Italian translation of the “Parish Map”) was born in England in 1987 from the intuition of Sue Clifford, Angela King, Roger Dreakin. They founded the non-profit association Common Ground with the aim to valorize the “local specificities” of the local territory and to involvement the community in this creative process. The parish map is a paper-based tool of narration of a specify local landscape to create an archive of local heritage and stories of community. It’s not a “photo” of the territory, but the process that wants to start a common policy of management and sharing of local heritage and development of the territory. We tried to create a small paper and digital prototype of the parish map on the “Places of the soul” of the Ecomuseum Martesana in collaboration with Ecomuseum Martesana, Habitat_Scenari Possibili, RAMI (Multidisciplinary Artistic Residence Ilinxarium), Off.ed Percorsi di comunicazione and Lombardy Region. The map contains some places of the Ecomuseum Martesana area (Waterway Martesana, Lombardy) which have been indicated by the members of the Management Committee of the ecomuseum like their affective places. The map descrive a “journey into the soul” in the territory of ecomuseum.