Memories of Industrial Archeology Heritage in Lombardy

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Febraury 2020



We started to organize and digitize an industrial archeology diapositives archive to make it usable as a digital archive of Mneme and, later, for a catalogue and an exhibition. The diapositive of the archive are photos taken throughout Italy, mainly in Lombardy, from the 1970 to 1990.

The author of the photos is Edo Bricchetti, a member founding of the Society of Industrial Archeology – Lombardy Section in 1976-77 (cultural organization). The goal of the S.I.A.I. – Lombardy was to bring the industrial heritage to the attention of public and private administrators as a ‘testimony with civilization value’.

The Industrial archeology researches are the specific social-anthropological researches on the civilization of work, industry and its economic, social, cultural processes. Today there are still many ruins of the tangible and intangible Industrial archeology heritage. When these ruins are not redeveloped to other uses (such as Multifactories), they remain (when they remain) as ‘neglected museums’ of Industrial archeology heritage. Evidences of the crucial transition from the rural society to industrial, technological and digital society: today we are experiencing the effects of this changing.

We want to resume the work done by S.I.A.I. – Lombardy to give value to an archive on the culture of work.