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june – september 2018

Area Waterways Martesana (Lombardy) – Ecomuseum Martesana



The Ecomuseums are the widespread landscapes in our territories, experienced in everyday life by the community. The mission of Ecomuseums are to collaborate with citizens, institutions, public and private organizations to respect, valorize and develop the territory for the benefit of future generations.

We made a session of interviews to the members of Management Committee of Ecomuseum Martesana to bring out the identity of the ecomuseum organization. So that, we delivered the dossier with analysis of the identity of the Ecomuseum Martesana. Ecomuseum use the dossier to communicate its identity in the different communication contexts, also in Europen context. 

In fact Ecomuseum Martesana is partner into different projects about the development of waterways such as GLOBAL NETWORK OF WATER MUSEUMS (supported by UNESCO) and SWARE (Sustainable Heritage Management of Waterway Regions)– European Interreg Program 2014-2020.