Trail of places

A village means not to be alone
(C. Pavese)

Trail of things

Go where there is no path and leave a trail

(R. W. Emerson)

Trail of people

in memory of Claudio

The ones who left us are not absent, they are invisible


Mneme LA MEMORIA DEL BENE  is a cultural organization that in Milan is dedicated to paper and audiovisual publish projects for research, enhancement and communication of the memory of communities, landscape, cultural heritage little-known and out of the usual routes, where everything is still to be explored.


With our passion and our tools of trade we support public and private organizations throughout Italy such as Ecomuseums, Community Museums, Municipalities in planning and coordination of socio-cultural projects and activities on memory.

Mneme, the Greek muse of memory, helps us to weave the thread of memory during the journey.



“Travel Notes” on the road of European cemeteries

We are writing a bilingual “travel diary” to describe the experience of Melancholy Heritage Project. We would like to include the points of view and experiences of the people who daily plan the future of cemeteries and the people that live them.

Project “Brì. The dialect of the Vallespluga” for Ecomuseum Vallespluga

Publication of a book, dossier, 20 audio and videoclips on dialect and historic memory of Vallespluga (Lombardy).

Project “The places of soul” of the Martesana Canal for Ecomuseum Martesana

Production of a paper and digital map of the Martesana Canal that people on the Management Committee of the Ecomuseum Martesana remember most affectionately (Lombardy).



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