Trail of places

A village means not to be alone
(C. Pavese)

photo Riccardo Lucidi ©

Trail of things

Go where there is no path and leave a trail

(R. W. Emerson)

Trail of people

to Claudio

The ones who left us are not absent, they are invisible


Mneme LA MEMORIA DEL BENE  is a cultural non profit organization wants to valorize the memory of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, landscape and life’s stories of past and present people still little known through cultural projects and research.


With our passion, sensitivity and our “work tools” we want to support the public and private local organizations, such as municipalities, ecomuseums, museums, archives, foundations and small-medium enterprises, which want to bring to light their local cultural heritage to attract new travelers and resources.


Mneme, the ancient muse of Memory, helps us weave the thread of memory in our journey.



Project “Brì. The dialect of Vallespluga”

We have supported the project “Il brì. The dialect of Vallespluga” of the Ecomuseum Vallespluga (Sondrio, Lombardy) wit the mission to conserve the “memory of the valley”.

Parish Map “Places of Soul” of the Ecomuseum Martesana

We realized a paper and digital prototype of the Parish Map on the “Places of the soul” of the Ecomuseum Martesana (Waterway Martesana, Lombardy).

Interviews of listening to the Ecomuseum Martesana

One session of interviews to the Ecomuseum Martesana to bring out the identity of the ecomuseum (Lombardy).



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