Traces of places

A village means not to be alone
(C. Pavese)

Traces of things

Go where there is no path and leave a trace 

(R. W. Emerson)

Traces of people

in memory of Claudio

The ones who left us are not absent, they are invisible


Mneme La memoria del bene is a cultural organisation. The mission is to develop the cultural projects of communication and valorization of the places of memorylandscapes, demo-ethno-anthropological and cultural heritage


We collaborate with public and private organizations to bring to light the traces of places, things and people through our passion and our tools of the trade.


Mneme, the ancient muse of memory, help us to valorize the memory of our Heritage and weave the ‘thread of memory’ of our community. 

MEMORIES Industrial Archeology

We started to organize a private archive of diapositive of industrial archeology made in Italy and UK from 1970 to 1990 to give value to Society of Industrial Archeology (Lombardy Section).

‘On the road of European Cemeteries’

We are writing a bilingual ‘travel diary’ on Melancholy Heritage Project, but we would like to include other points of view on use and ri-use of cemeteries in the future time. Write to us!

LaCittàIntorno Ecomuseum Martesana

We participated on behalf of the Ecomuseum Martesana to LaCittàIntorno Program 2018/2019 (Adriano District, Milan).




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Mneme La Memoria del Bene

No profit cultural organization

tel. + 39 348.455.12.86