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Febraury 2020



We’re organizing a private archive of 2000 diapositive of industrial archeology (approximately). The mission is to create a public digital archive of Mneme. The diapositive are photos taken throughout Italy e UK from the 1970 to 1990, with a specific focus on Lombardy.

The author is Edo Bricchetti, a member founding of the Society of Industrial Archeology (Lombardy Section) in 1976-77 (cultural organization). The goal of S.I.A.I. Lombardy was bring the industrial heritage to attention of public and private institutions.

The researches of industrial archeology are the social and anthropological researches about the civilization of work, the story of industry and the economic, social and cultural issues. Today there are still many ruins of industrial archeology heritage. When these ruins are not redeveloped to other uses, they remain as neglected museums open air. Evidences of the crucial transition from the rural society to technological society: today we are experiencing some effects of this transition.

We want to give value the civilization of work and mission of S.I.A.I. Lombardy.