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AGM ASCE 2019 AGM ASCE 2019 Ghent
Ghent 3-5 ottobre 2019: Heritage cemeteries in the 21st century: use, re-use and shared use
Mneme: The individual and collective memory as part of the Cemetery Heritage



The use and re-use policies of the cemetery spaces in relationship to community


We are writing the bilingual ‘travel notes’ to be published so as to recount the Melancholy Heritage Project’s experience (and challenges), enriching it with materials, experiences and research carried out so far. It was an intense and complex journey with different critical points; it’s a journey continues…

We would like to learn about other experiences, points of view, good practices of using cemetery spaces throughout Europe to know other experiences and scenarios regarding the use of these complex spaces.

We would also like to know stories and news of cemetery spaces that tell something more regarding culture and rituals of community of Europe.

This kind of message we brought to AGM Asce 2019 meeting in fairytale city of Ghent.

If you would like to send us, write to us! (in English if possible)