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December 2018 – April 2019
Fondazione Casa della carità, Giardino condiviso di San Faustino, EUMM Ecomuseo Urbano Metropolitano Milano Nord, La Stecca 3.0 (Milan)



We joined to traning course The suburbs areas of the city – active training on the urban regeneration 2018/2019 (Adriano Quarter) of LaCittàIntorno program, in parternship with DAStU Department of Architecture Politecnico of Milan e Municipality of Milan. The aim of the course is to develop useful tools and skills for implementation of urban regeneration actions and of new projects in the Adriano district.

Team working: Associazione Punto e a Capo Onlus I Biblioteca di Condomino di via Vittorio Gassmann 15; Associazione Amici Casa della Carità Onlus; Associazione SON Onlus; Associazione culturale Sinitah; Associazione ViviAdriano; Centro Anziani Cascina San Paolo; Comune di Milano, Municipio 2; Fondazione Casa della carità A.Abriani; Fondazione Bertini Malgarini Onlus; IdLab s.r.l.; Trekking Italia – Sentieri_Metropolitani.

One output of project is to develop a parish map of the Adriano neighborhood. On specific theme of memory, the course revealed that memory can be used in the Adriano district as an expedient to consolidate local relationships between people and places, to give value to spaces, to make people more aware of history of local district who they live in, so that they can respect and enhance it.

The parish map is a tool used in the urban redevelopment and regeneration political strategies to raise awareness of local people.

On 14/12/2019 in a public meeting we delivered a detailed report about this project to Ecomuseum Martesana and we explained process to realize the parish map of Ecomuseum Martesana and of Adriano district.